Hello to all of you lovely people that are taking the time to browse my new website and my very first blog. I’m a Wedding Planner in Devon, and I’m so excited to introduce to you…Feather & Fawn.  

By now you have probably realised that Feather & Fawn is a bespoke wedding planning & design boutique that specialising in ethical, inclusive and outdoor weddings, but why did this all begin?

Firstly, I love to plan anything and everything, especially weddings! It’s an entire industry based around celebrations, love, family and commitment. You find yourself surrounded by excitement and elation as every couple anticipates the journey that lies ahead. On top of this, you get to work along side other like-minded creative professionals that are passionate about what they do. Basically, I just love a good wedding!

Photo: https://ss-photo.co.uk

I created Feather & Fawn to combine my other passions into one fabulous business. Quite simply, I adore animals and I love the outdoors. I often use nature as my inspiration for my design work because I think the natural world is the most beautiful place that should be treasured and admired. Give me rolling hills or crashing waves any day!

I’m an extremely compassionate person with very strong values. I know there are many similar brides out there that wish to have their big day without compromising their beliefs. This is why there is absolutely a place in the industry for vegan, cruelty-free or sustainable events and I’d love to be the one to create them.

Outdoor weddings are my favourite, not only for the location but also during the whole process. With an outdoor wedding there are no boundaries; no walls to restrict your vision, no ceiling to limit your imagination. To some, the added logistics and finer details involved in outdoor weddings are an inconvenience, but this is where I thrive. I enjoy the challenge of creating someones vision from scratch. Something elegant, sophisticated, natural – truly stunning!

So if it sounds like I’m your kind of person and I can help you in any way, just drop me a message. You will always be greeted with a friendly smile, a compassionate heart and an open mind!

Love to you all

Charly x



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