It represents weddings that are wild, natural and whimsical, yet elegant and clean! I pride myself on being an honest and compassionate person, I adore my animals and live for the great outdoors. Feather & Fawn combines my love for weddings and planning, with all of my passions in life. I thrive on bringing these elements into a couple’s special day.

The name “Feather & Fawn” is influenced by my life in the Devon countryside

inspired by the majestic deer that I often meet whilst walking my spaniels around our land and the regal peacocks that wander our gardens. 

From the blossoms of Spring, the radiant glow of Summer, the intense colours of Autumn and the shimmering frost of Winter, there is so much beauty in nature. And I just love to incorporate all of these elements in my design, whether it’s taking the inside out in the heart of nature, or bringing nature in!  

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

& my life..

I’ve grown up around motorsport for most of my life and I learnt to fly helicopters at the age of 19. I never dreamt I would find someone to spend my life with that shared all of my interests, values and goals; yet one night in the middle of an RV park at a prestigious motorsport event, I met the wonderful Irish man that is Mark. It wasn’t exactly Cinderella and Prince Charming but it’s definitely one hell of a story for the grand children!  

Fast forward four years and we have had so many wonderful adventures together. And the greatest is yet to come once we get married in the summer of 2021! 

I take on tasks with 110% dedication and become captivated by the smallest details; after all it’s the details that make a masterpiece. I’m the girl that gets excited about a note pad and pen; and don’t even get me started on a good spreadsheet!  

I currently work along side my family running our Estate in Devon. To me there is no place like home! I may be biased, but in my opinion I live in the most beautiful part of the world. From the lush green countryside, to the rugged Devon coastline on my doorstep, it’s the most magical place, any time of the year.  

I'm a proud Mum to many fur babies, including Rupert and Finn (two very spoilt spaniels) and 43 retired, injured and rescued horses and ponies. As you can imagine this is a massive commitment, but they are my comfort and my safe place. Every one has a unique personality and yet they are all so kind and trusting - even the odd troublemaker!  


I'm Charly, the animal loving, family-oriented country girl. I’m ultra organised and an absolute perfectionist.

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